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We offer these courses to small groups to facilitate contacts, for the well-being of participants and to create a good working dynamic. Traveling in small groups also allows us access to traditional sites.

Pre-registration on our site

Fill out the online form on the page of the course in which you wish to participate. Click on “send”.
You will receive a confirmation of your online registration and we will send you by e-mail the payment terms for your participation.

Definitive registration

Upon receipt of the deposit for your participation in a course, we will send you an e-mail confirming your registration, an invoice confirming the payment of the deposit and all the practical informations concerning your course: formalities to book your plain tickets and obtain your visa, the detailed program of the course, advice on packing.

Registration for a group

The pre-registration procedures via our site are identical. Indicate the number of people in your group. A group of at least 12 people can choose the theme and date of the course in which they wish to participate.

Sponsorship offer

From experience, we know that it is not always easy to unite people to form a group around a project. To thank the federator of a group for his efforts, we sponsor him so that he can benefit from his free participation. All he has to do is pay for his plane ticket and visa fees.
In return, we ask for an exchange of links from our respective websites and some advertising on his website.


Payment for the training courses is made in two installments, in Euros:
– 1st payment: 50% of the price of the course upon registration
– 2nd payment: 50% of the course price one month before departure for China
(Another possibility: payment in three installments)


The price of the course includes:
• support for administrative visa application procedures
• transfers in Yunnan from one site to another (by minibus, bus or tgv)
• accommodation in a double room (separate beds), supplement to be expected for a single room
• meals (full board)
• courses with the various teachers, cultural activities and workshops
• entrances to the sites visited
• guide and translation

Not included:
• the return plane ticket
• visa
• international insurance (compulsory to obtain your visa)


The dates of the courses do not include the return trip by plane. It takes one day for the outward journey and one day for the return trip.
Time difference between France and China: + 6 hours in summer, + 7 hours in winter.

Outside of the proposed dates, a group of 12 people can choose the theme and the date of the course.


The climate of Yunnan is subtropical. The weather is nice there most of the year.
The best seasons are spring and fall. The days are magnificent, it is 20 – 25 ° C.
Summers are generally rainy and hot. Winters are dry, sunny and cold (5 ° C at night, up to 15 ° C during the day).


Plane ticket

Finding and purchasing the return plane ticket is your responsibility. Your destination in China is the Kunming International Airport (KMG) in the Yunnan Province (for the trek: Lijiang Airport).
We set a meeting time at Kunming airport where we receive trainees registered for the same course.
To find a return plane ticket at a very competitive price (around € 500 per person), you will have to buy it 7 months before the date of departure in China.

Obtaining the visa

For your trip to China, you are applying for an ordinary type L visa (one entry, length of stay 30 days, valid for 3 months from the date of issue).
The L visa is the tourist visa. It is issued to foreigners who wish to travel to China for sightseeing.
Since May 10, 2019, the visa application must be made online on the website of the visa centers for China All applicants are required to present themselves at the visa center closest to their home (in France: Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Marseille), with an appointment, as it is mandatory to affix their fingerprints in the visa centers for China.
We accompany our trainees throughout this important stage in the preparation of the trip.
We send each participant all the information they need to correctly complete the visa application form and provide the hotel reservation certificate to be attached to the application file.

Visa application process

– complete the visa application form online at
– attach the requested documents:
– An identity photo
– biometric passport valid for at least six months from the day of the request
– photocopies: return plane ticket, hotel reservation (provided by us), international insurance certificate, work certificate in France, income certificate (or bank extract), school certificate
for students over 18 years old.

Submit your application file to a Chinese visa center closest to your home, a month and a half before the date of departure for China. The visa issuance time is approximately one week.


The Chinese Embassy asks you to provide a proof of reservation of the hotels you will be staying in upon your arrival in China. After receipt of your 2nd payment, we will send you your personal certificate by e-mail to complete your visa application file.


International insurance covers medical care and repatriation during the stay in China. There are different ways to purchase this insurance:
• when booking your tickets, the travel agency will offer you international insurance;
• ask your insurer. Some contracts include insurance when you travel abroad;
• the international credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB) offers in its contract repatriation assistance, the payment of some medical expenses, death and disability insurance. Ask your banker for advice and to apply, follow this link:.


Before Covid-19: No vaccine was mandatory. You had to be up to date with the booster shots (tetanus). Post Covid-19 situation: We will update this section as soon as we have more information.

In the registration file, you will find a “mini” medical form to fill out regarding your possible allergies.
We also ask you to provide us with a medical certificate attesting to your fitness for physical exercises.


Withdrawals by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro) are possible at a large number of ATMs. We therefore advise you to withdraw your pocket money on site, through your credit card. The costs generated by withdrawing a credit card or changing cash on site are often equivalent to a few euros. The advantage of withdrawing directly with your credit card is that you won’t have to queue at the banks.


Chinese New Year – May 1 – National Day (October 1) are dates when Chinese people have a week’s vacation and travel throughout China.
We do not organize training courses during these weeks, because the tourist influx is too great and would cause organizational difficulties.
Institutions and administrations (Chinese embassies and consulates) are closed for a week, most businesses remain open.

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