Stage monastère taoiste

Immersion in a Taoist monastery

Immersion monastère taoiste

This training course is a real opportunity to receive the teachings of Taoist Master Wang Ming Quan, 13th Patriarch of Wuji Taoist School and 20th successor of Quanzhen Taoist School.

Through an immersion at the Taoist sacred mount monastery of Wei bao, you will learn the mysterious Qigong of the Big Dipper “Bei Dou Xuan Gong”, the Taoist Tai ji quan Yang Sheng Gong and a meditation from the pure Taoist tradition.

« The practice of the Bei Dou Xuan Gong Qigong allows the meridians to open and thus, a good energy circulation is set up. This allows us to enter into a relationship with Nature and the 10,000 things. And later to communicate with divine energy “Dong Ling”. It is through the mystery that one can perceive the Ling and the Tao. Ling cannot be explained in words, it can only be felt by practice. The Dong Ling aspect is the basis. There is a higher level, where we harness the energy of Nature to bring happiness to people around the world: we harness the power of Nature to heal. But when we reach the level required to heal and restore happiness to those we meet, we can also do the opposite. (…) » Master Wang

The monastery in which you will practice dates from the 16th century. It is located on a sacred Taoist and Buddhist mountain in the Yunnan mountains. The site and the monastery where the internship takes place are peaceful and conducive to rediscovering oneself, others, and the essential.

In Kunming, where the arrival and departure airport is located, you will stay in a comfortable hotel, ideally located in the city center.

In Dali, you will stay in a charming hotel in the historic center and visit its lively streets, its market. You will discover its crafts, Chinese massage, Yunnan cuisine …

“Unforgettable trip, at the very heart of life, what happiness! Every moment spent was a gift! Thank you for everything… in my heart forever… “


“In the morning mist, the sun rises over the mountain. The path leading to the temple plunges into the forest, the wind makes the leaves of the huge trees quiver, which seem to touch the sky. Meeting with the spirit of the forest, meeting with Master Wang, meeting with a group coming from many different places. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful adventure. “


“Thank you for the perfect organization of this course. We very much appreciated the care taken by Laura to satisfy everyone’s well-being, the choice of restaurants and hotels. A huge thank you for the presence, the kindness of Master Wang and for the exceptional quality of his teaching. Thank you for this immersion in Taoism. I wish you all the best.”



If you bring together and register 15 other participants in the same course, your course is offered to you.

Number of participants

Min. 12 people.

The practice

Teachings: Qigong of the Big Dipper and its meditation, Tai ji quan Yang Sheng Gong
Level of practice: all levels
Teacher: Master Wang Ming Quan
Translation: Laura Scaffidi
Daily practice: 6 hours

The program

It is a stay of 15 days and 14 nights (travel not included), including:
– 2 D and 2 N in Kunming, capital of Yunnan: Visit of the city center
– 2 D and 2 N in Dali: Visit of the historic center
– 11 J and 10 N in immersion on the sacred Taoist mountain


Detailed program

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    In Kunming: nights at a hotel, in the heart of the city’s lively districts
    In Dali: nights at a hotel located in the historic center
    At the monastery: nights at the hotel on the sacred mountain


    At the monastery we follow the Taoist rhythm of life: we eat twice a day and it is vegetarian
    Outside the monastery, full board, local and traditional cuisine

    Course dates

    We are waiting for an improvement in the health situation linked to COVID-19 before proposing internship dates

    Tailor-made courses

    If you are a group of 12 people, you can choose the dates of your stay (apart from the dates offered for other courses on our site).

    Course price: 2450 €

    The price of the course includes: accommodation, lessons, guide and translation, meals, entrance fees to the cultural sites visited, transport in China, in short everything except the plane ticket and visa.

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