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“Training in China – Practice Chinese Arts” was co-founded by Laura Scaffidi in 2008. It is an LLC established in Dali, Yunnan Province, China.

Its purpose is to promote Chinese culture and the practice of Chinese arts in the form of internships held in Yunnan.

The courses offered are an invitation to:

  • Get to live a unique experience with the China of today and the China of the everlasting teachings
  • Get initiated to or go further in the practice of Chinese Arts: Qi gong, Tai ji quan, meditation, Gong fu, calligraphy, chinese cooking, …
  • s’initier ou approfondir la pratique des arts chinois: Qi gong, Tai ji quan, méditation, Gong Fu, MTC, calligraphie, cuisine chinoise, …
  • Get out of the routine and get away from your daily landmarks

Laura Scaffidi, a self made woman, in a few words

Initially, studies … Scientific baccalaureate in Luxembourg, then a master’s degree in physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium.

With her diplomas in her pocket, Laura won’t follow the clear route that emerges at the end of her studies. Having met someone, she leaves Europe for China, following her heart, not knowing that this step into the unknown will change her whole life.

She discovers a new world, a new culture and simple, warm and enthusiastic people.
Everything is different, starting with the language … So this is the first step, she is learning Mandarin in order to be able to communicate with the Chinese, understand their way of thinking and evolve in this new environment.

She sets out to discover Yunnan, a remote province of China, magnificent and wild, temperate, where life is good.

She is passionate about the history of China and especially the history of Yunnan with its ethnic minorities, the rich Chinese culture of 5000 years … She has learned Chinese calligraphy and has practiced regularly for several years. She tried the Chinese Erhu violin, but she prefers the piano …

She is a black belt in karate. For the past ten years, she has been practicing the mysterious Big Dipper Qi gong and Tai ji quan Yang Sheng, both forms taught by Master Wang at the Taoist monastery.

In 2008, she co-founded “Training in China – Practice Chinese Arts” and became its director. Since then she has been in charge of customer relations, the organization and logistics of training courses, the guiding of groups during their stays and translation, the management and promotion of the company. A full time job!

Hardworking, rigorous, organized, demanding, Laura has learned the tricks of the trade in the field over the years. In addition, she surrounds herself with passionate and qualified Chinese teachers to offer quality classes and cultural activities.
Her passion for China, her 14 years of living in Yunnan, her 12 years of professional experience and hundreds of satisfied clients are the strength of “Training in China – Practice Chinese Arts”.

In short, she loves her life, her job and hope to meet you soon !