Yunnan discovery and Qi gong practice

This is the opportunity to take time for daily practice, to discover and enrich your knowledge of the Chinese philosophy, culture and tradition through different encounters and the Yunnan landscapes.


During this journey, you will discover the local minority ethnic groups, their way of life, their villages, their cuisine, you will experience traditional Chinese massage and you will practice Tai ji quan Yang style with a Chinese teacher teaching within the “Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association” school which is located in Kunming.


There are a handful of major Tai Ji Quan styles and the Yang style is the most widely practiced and followed in the world. This form was conceptualized by Grand Master Yang Lu Chan about 170 years ago. Master Yang Jun is the direct descendant of the 6th generation and head of the “International Tai Chi Chuan Association of the Yang Family”. He travels abroad to promote Yang style Tai ji and certifies instructors in various schools around the world. In July 2009, Master Yang Jun was officially named Fifth holder of the line of traditional Yang style Tai ji quan.


You can watch our presentation film here:


> Number of participants:

8 – 12


> The program:

15 day trip (excluding travel)

  • Visits of Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and the villages which were on the ancient tea and silk roads.
  • 2 day trek in the Yangzi jiang river gorges
  • Daily practice


> The practice:

Teachings: « Global Toning » Qi gong from Pang He Ming

Level: suitable for all

Teacher: Valérie Pourtier

Daily course: 1h30


> Accommodation:

Nights in local comfortable hotels


> Meals:

Local and traditional cuisine


> Dates for the training courses:

The courses are planned at specific times of the year in order to enjoy the best weather conditions.
> link to calendar

Custom-made training courses :If your group is composed of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10, you may choose to go on a course on dates which are not proposed here.


> Sponsoring :

If you bring together 10 other participants to enrol at the same training course, you’ll get your participation for free (except flying ticket and visa).


> Enrolling for a training course

> Fee for the course: 1975 €

The price includes lessons, meals, accommodation, transport in China, entrance fees for the different cultural sites, in short all expenses except for your round-trip plane ticket and your visa.