Who are we?

> Valérie Pourtier has been practicing Qi gong for 25 years. Certified teacher from the IEQG and the FEQGAE in 1997, she has taught Qi gong and meditation in the San Bao centre in Pertuis (84) for ten years and in the Military Academy of Aix en Provence for two years.
Since 2005 Valérie has settled in the Yunnan (China) where she has gone on with the studying and the practicing of martial arts, teaching Qi gong, Tai ji quan and meditation through training courses organized in China and France.
Valérie speaks fluently Mandarin, English and French.

> Laura Scaffidi is a physical therapist.
She is black belt in karate and has been practicing Qi jong, Tai ji quan and meditation with Valérie Pourtier for 5 years.
Laura takes part in the organization and she overlooks the training courses.
She knows the Yunnan well having lived there for 2 years.
Laura speaks English, Mandarin, French, German, Italian.

> Duan Fei Hui graduated from the Management School in Kunming. She takes care of the local aspects of the courses, bookings and transport.
She also accompanies us during our stay.
Fei Hui speaks of course Mandarin and English.

The training courses I propose are an invitation to:

  • Get away from the day to day routine, the well-known and your daily landmarks
  • Get initiated to or go further in the practice of Qi jong, Tai ji quan, meditation, Gong fu or calligraphy
  • Get to live a unique experience with the China of today and the China of the everlasting teachings.

Behind words, forms and techniques the Chinese arts are an invitation to self discovery, exploration into the nature of our relationship to the world.