Who are we?

“Training Courses in China” was founded by Valérie Pourtier and Laura Scaffidi in 2008. It is a Chinese company (Ltd) established in Dali, in the Province of Yunnan, in China.

Its purpose is to promote Chinese culture and the practice of Chinese arts through organized training courses in Yunnan.

> The courses offered are an invitation to:

  • Get away from the day to day routine, the well-known and your daily landmarks
  • Get initiated to or go further in the practice of Qi jong, Tai ji quan, meditation, Gong fu or calligraphy
  • Get to live a unique experience with the China of today and the China of the everlasting teachings.

> The key strenghts:

  • 15 years of life, experience and practice of internal and external martial arts in Yunnan province
  • very good knowledge of the region, the minority ethnic groups, the history of China
  • total integration within the country, the province, our village
  • access to monasteries, to the teaching of renowned masters
  • small groups: for the well-being of the participants, to facilitate contacts, to create a good working dynamic and to guarantee access to authentic sites
  • knowledge of authentic and unusual places outside Chinese and foreign tourist circuits
  • “Training Courses in China” became known mainly by word of mouth

> Laura Scaffidi is a physiotherapist graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain (B).

She is the co-founder of Stages en Chine and the actual director. She takes care of customer relations, organization and logistics of the training courses, guide and translation.

She is a black belt in karate and practices Qi gong, Tai ji quan and calligraphy. She knows Yunnan well, having lived there for 14 years. Laura surrounds herself with qualified Chinese teachers to offer quality courses and cultural activities.

Laura speaks French, Mandarin, English, German, Luxembourgish and Italian.

> Valerie Pourtier has been practicing Qi gong for 26 years and has taught it since 1997 (FEQG and FEQGAE graduate). She decided to leave the “Training Courses in China” adventure at the end of 2019 and she now teaches Qi gong through courses in France.