Training course in a Buddhist monastery

The monastery is a peace haven, hidden in the forest, at 2000 metres high. For over a thousand years, the shifus (masters), who are running the monastery, have perpetuated the Buddhist way and have taught martial arts.

This course proposes an immersion in either Tai ji quan or Gong fu practice at the very origin of the teachings, forms and ancestral techniques.
During the course, training and practicing Tai ji quan and Gong fu will give the tempo to your daily life. From day to day the teaching monk and his disciple will teach you the forms of Tai ji quan and Gong fu as they have been taught for generations.
The training is intensive; quickly, your body will be sharp, supple and alive and your mind will be at peace, lighter and clearer.

Here, life is simple, healthy, comfort is basic. The peacefulness, nature, the knowledge and the kindness of our hosts facilitate the re-discovery of oneself, of others, of the essential and the initiation or the improvement of martial arts practice.
The monastery rules forbid tobacco, alcohol, women and men trainees are accommodated in separate lodgings. The vegetarian food is delicious!

Every week end, the monastery is closed to the public. Only pilgrims and monks can attend the Buddhist ceremonies. You will therefore use this deserved break to stay at Taiping Garden and visit Dali, its busy lanes, its market… all before going back to the monastery.


> Number of participants:

Individual or group (max 11 persons)


> The program:

14 day trip
(excluding travel)

  • Practising 10 days in the monastery
  • Visiting Dali and its region for 3 days
  • One day visit of Kunming, the Yunnan capital city (5 million inhabitants)


> The practice:

Teachings: choose between first form of Buddist Tai ji quan or Gong fu (shaolin ….)

Level: intermediate to advanced, intense physical practice

Teachers: Buddhist lama and his disciple and Valérie Pourtier

Daily course: 7 hours


> Accommodation:

In the monastery: nights at the monastery

In Dali: At Taiping Garden

In Kunming: hotel in the busy city center


> Meals:

Local and traditional cuisine
In the monastery: vegetarian meals


> Dates for the training courses:

Available throughout the year during the periods where we don’t have any other training courses planned.
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Custom-made training courses
: If your group is composed of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11, you may choose to go on a course on dates which are not proposed here.


> Sponsoring :

If you bring together 10 other participants to enrol at the same training course, you’ll get your participation for free (except flying ticket and visa).


> Enrolling for a training course


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training courses in a Taoist monastery

> Fee for the course: 1150 €

The price includes lessons, meals, accommodation for 14 days, transport in China, entrance fees for the different cultural sites, in short all expenses except for your round-trip plane ticket and your visa.