Taiping Garden

Taiping Garden (Taiping: peace and tranquility) is a guesthouse, where we offer cultural exchanges, study and practice of the Chinese arts.


A convivial, pleasant and typical place, where throughout the year, you can stay for the duration of your choice, immerse yourself in the daily life of the village, the language, the Chinese culture and also the practice of the Chinese arts at the birthplace of the teachings. From here you can visit the region and go hiking.


Throughout the year, Laura and Valerie offer accommodation, courses and excursions “à la carte”.


Taiping Garden is located in the village of San Wen Bi (the three culture brushes), at an altitude of 2000 m, in the Yunnan province, in China.


The province of Yunnan is one of the most beautiful in China with its varied landscapes, its ethnic minorities of diverse origins and preserved traditions, its rice fields, tea plantations, villages and typical monasteries.
And, of course, its exceptional climate!


Our village is next to the largest Buddhist monastery in China. It is an area of ​​several hectares where three pagodas were erected in the 9th and 10th centuries. Dali has always been an important city on the way to Tibet, an important crossroads of the road of silk, horses and tea. It is mostly populated by the “Bai” minority, one of the 26 ethnic groups living in Yunnan.


Dali is a town which count 15,000 people within itself, with its ramparts, its old town, its lifestyle, its rural side “ancient China” which attract artists, adventurers and travelers.


For the Chinese, Dali is energetically perfect: a huge lake to the east, a mountain range that rises to 4100 m altitude to the west. Behind, at 180 km, as the crow flies, is Burma. Finally, Dali is known throughout China for its marble, camellias, pure air and water and exceptional weather.


In short, it is a place where it is good to live, where the 19th century mixes with the 21st, where crafts, old trades, know-how, ancestral culture mix with modernity, trendy places, foreigners and their culture.


> Accomodation :

The accommodation capacity of Taiping Garden is 11 people. We welcome groups and individualities.
There are no bathrooms in the rooms. Taiping Garden is equipped with four common bathrooms consisting of washbasins, showers and WC.

-> Ground floor :
2 double rooms
1 room with a big bed (for a couple)
These rooms overlook the garden.
-> 1st floor :
1 double room
1 room with 3 beds
These rooms are spacious and have a beautiful view on the lake or the mountains.


> Accommodation rates per person :

Stay ≤ 14 nights : One night : 20 €
Stay ≥ 15 nights : One night : 15 €


> Common areas: the small extras!

The fully equipped kitchen and its dining room
The lounge and its library
The space of study and practice of calligraphy
The garden and its landscaped areas
A computer with VPN access
Free Wifi all over the place
A washing machine (contribution of 10 yuan, or € 1.50 per machine)


> Meals :

For your breakfasts and meals, you can choose to:
– Prepare your own meals. A equipped kitchen and its dining room are at your disposal.
– Order breakfast and / or dinner at Taiping Garden. Chinese and Western Cuisine.
– Have breakfast and / or meals in the many small restaurants in the vicinity.


> Meal rates per person :

Breakfast : 4,30 €
Diner : 10 €
Half Board (breakfast and diner) : 12 € per day
The half board rate is applies for a stay ≥ 15 nuitées.


> Courses and teachers :

Chinese culture :
– Written and spoken Chinese: Jiang Jie, Gu Yu
– Calligraphy: Master Li
– Chinese kitchen: Li Dai Rong, Luxi, A Hong
– Music (Chinese instruments): Lao Cheng

Internal and external martial arts :
– Meditation and Qi gong: : Valérie Pourtier
– Tai ji quan, Bagua : Master Ma, Ju Li
You have, for example, the possibility to take a Qi gong class in the morning and a calligraphy class in the afternoon. It is you who decide, the courses are “à la carte”.


> Course fees per person (1 course = 2 hours) :

Stay ≤ 14 nights :
1 course : 175 yuans, that is 25 €
Except cooking and calligraphy lessons: 200 yuan, that is 29 €

Stay ≥ 15 ights :
1 course : 140 yuans, soit 20 €
Except cooking and calligraphy lessons: 180 yuans, that is 26 €


> Excursions :

Dali and its region offer many possibilities for hiking, cultural visits, traditional events in preserved villages and monasteries.

We offer many day trips with car and driver and / or an interpreter.


> Excursions rates :

Depending on the tour and services required (quote on request).


> How to come to Taiping Garden ?

You must first arrive at Kunming International Airport. From there, you have the choice:

Come on your own:

– Buses run every 40 minutes from the bus station located west of Kunming City, at Ma jie, 马街 to Xiaguan (new town of Dali), 390 km from Kunming (5-6 hours). Then take a taxi to Dali.
– 2 to 3 planes are scheduled per day from Kunming to Dali (domestic flight, 45 min flight). Then take a taxi to Dali (45-50 min drive).
– A night train runs daily from Kunming to Xiaguan (departure between 8 pm and 11 pm, arrival in Xiaguan 6 to 8 hours later). Then take a taxi to Dali.

Enjoy our private driver service: He picks you up at Kunming Airport and takes you directly to Taiping Garden in Dali (4h30 – 5h journey, fee on request).


> Availability of Taiping Garden :

We welcome you all year except during scheduled training courses periods indicated in our calendar.

> Calendar


> Book your stay


> Taiping Formulas :

Accomodation only :
Stay 15 nights : 225 €
Stay 21 nights : 315 €
Stay 28 nights : 420 €

Accomodation+2h course/day:
Stay 15 nights : 505 €
Stay 21 nights : 715 €
Stay 28 nights : 960 €

Accomodation+2h course/day+½ board :
Stay 15 nights : 685 €
Stay 21 nights : 967 €
Stay 28 nights : 1296 €
(Price per person)