> Calendar 2017 and 2018


Important :

The dates do not include the round-trip flights. It is necessary to count one day for your outward journey to China and one day for your return journey.
The course starts when we welcome you at Kunming Airport and the course stops the day you leave China, as we take you back to the airport.


Training courses in a Taoist monastery


from 10th to 24th of March 2018


from 29th of September to 13th of October 2018


Training course in a Buddhist monastery


Available throughout the year


Yunnan discovery and Qi gong practice


from 16th to 30th of July 2017


from 7th to 21st of April 2018


from 20th of October to 3rd of November 2018


Training courses with Valérie Pourtier


from 13th to 27th of August 2017, in China


from mid September 2017 until end of February 2018, Valerie will teach in France: dates and places coming soon !


from 28th of April to 12th of May 2018, in China


from 17th of November to 1st of December 2018, in China