We have opted for small groups (from 5 to 10 persons) in order to facilitate the exchanges between the participants, their well-being and to create a good working atmosphere; it also allows us to visit traditional sites.

• Pre-booking on our web-site:
All you need to do is fill in the form on our site (individual booking / group booking). The individual bookings will be confirmed as soon as we have a group of min. 5 participants for a proposed training course. We shall mail you the overall conditions of the training courses and the booking documents to be filled in and mailed back to us.

• Booking :
On reception of your completed booking documents and down-payment, we shall send you a mail confirming your booking, a bill confirming the reception of the 1st installment and all the information you may need concerning your training course (day to day timetable, advice on luggage, advice for the flights bookings).

Important: The inscriptions are closed 1 month before the beginning of a proposed training course.


The dates do not include the round-trip flights. It is necessary to count one day for your outward journey to China and one day for your return journey.
The jet lag between France and China: + 6 hours

Outside the proposed dates, a group composed of 5 to 10 persons can choose a theme and the dates for the course.


The Yunnan climate is subtropical. The weather is fine and sunny nearly all year round.
The best seasons are spring and autumn. The days are gorgeous, the temperature around 25°C.
Summers are usually hot and rainy. Winters are dry, sunny and cold (5°C at night, up to 15°C during the day).


It includes:
• All trips in the Yunnan from one site to another (by bus or mini bus)
• Accommodation in double room
• Meals
• Lessons with the different teachers, activities, massages
• Entrance fees to the visited sites


The course is paid in two installments, by a bank transfer.
– 1st transfer: 50% of the total price at reception of the completed booking forms.
– 2nd transfer: remaining 50% of the total price, one month before departure to China.
Look on currency converter on


Your destination in China is Kunming airport (KMG). As there aren’t any straight international
flights to Kunming, you will have to fly to a larger Chinese city (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu …)
and then take a connecting flight to Kunming. We shall then give you a time range during which we’ll be waiting for your arrival at Kunming airport. Look on : the return flight costs from 500 to 700€ depending on the booking date.


For your trip to China you need to ask for an ordinary type L visa (1 entry, 30 days stay, valid for 3 months after being delivered).
The L visa is for foreigners who go to China to visit the country as tourists or to visit family or other private matters.
Connect to which will give you all the information you need:
– Download and print out the form
– Fill it in, don’t forget your identity photograph
– Don’t forget to join the documents required :
a valid passport (at least 6 months from the day you asked for the visa)
photocopies of the round trip plane tickets;
hotel booking;
international insurance certificate;
a working permit or Inland revenue certificate,
university attending certificate for students over 18.

Leave you completed application form to the Chinese embassy or consulate nearest to your home one month before you are due to go to China. It takes about a week to obtain the visa!


The Chinese embassy will ask you to provide your booking for the hotel where you’ll stay when in China. After we have received your second deposit, we’ll mail the hotel bookings in your name so that you can fill in your visa application form.


International insurance will cover all expenses related to medical care and repatriation during
your stay in China. There are different ways to subscribe for this insurance:
• Ask your own insurance company. Some contracts include trips abroad
• When booking your flights, the travel agent may suggest an international insurance contract
• The international credit card (Visa, Master, American express, Diners Club, and JCB) includes cover for repatriation, some medical care expenses and a life – handicap insurance.


No vaccination is compulsory, just check on the dates for the booster shots (tetanus). In the inscription dossier, you will find a medical form to fill in should possible allergies or running doctor’s prescriptions affect your stay.
We also require you to give us a medical certificate testifying of your aptitude to physical exercise.


Withdrawing with a credit card (Visa, Master, American express, Diners Club, and JCB) is possible as far as there are plenty of cash withdrawal machines (2 500 RMB max. per withdrawal, about 250€). We advise you to withdraw your pocket money this way when in China.

The Chinese New Year (23rd January 2012) – the First of May – the National Day (1st October) are dates for which the Chinese get a week off work, this means a great rush of tourists and therefore some difficulties in organizing the stay. Institutions and government offices are closed for a week; most shops however remain open for business.
The Chinese embassies and consulates are also closed during these weeks. Don’t forget it when going for your visa!