Valerie Pourtier vous propose quatre thématiques de stage en Chine basées

sur la pratique du Qi gong, du Tai ji quan et de la méditation


Training courses in a monastery

These courses in a monastery are a unique opportunity to discover and further your practicing of Qi gong, Tai ji quan, Gong fu and meditation in the birth place of these ancestral teachings.

In the quietness of the monastery set deep in the heart of the Yunnan mountains, you will share the daily trainings, the richness of a thousand year-old way of life and art with the monk.


Yunnan discovery and Qi gong practice

Discover the Yunnan, its villages, its paddy fields and its mountains.

Get to learn the way of thinking, the culture and the Chinese philosophy, another way of life.

Practice daily in the strict Chinese tradition: in order to stay healthy and wake your mind up.

Walking in the world, sharing a meal, sharing part of the way, a conversation, opening up to differences, to the unknown, to oneself and to the Other.


Training courses with Master Ma

During these training courses, you will practise with Master Ma, expert in martial arts, the original form of

« Jian Hua Tai ji »

in the way which it is transmitted traditionally from master to student, in the way like he has learned it and passed it on since more than 50 years.

The « Jian Hua Tai Ji » is the complete form of which the most teached Tai ji form around the world comes from : the 24 movements Tai ji quan (Yang-style).


Training courses with Valérie Pourtier

What is meditation?
How and why do we practice it ?
How can we make it part of our daily life ?

Each and every one of us can meditate no matter what are one’s faith, values, job and environment.
Meditation goes beyond our differences; it is a key common to all men.

Learning about meditation is an exploration of the self, the world and life.